Safety Oversight Management Software for Aviation Regulators in the Digital World

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  • Selecting new software in a highly specialised environment is fraught with risk and difficulty. Starting from the detailed requirements specification through to eventual roll-out there are many hurdles to negotiate. Will you opt for in-house development or contract-out? How much time and resource are required for testing, training, migration and implementation. How long does it take, how much will it cost? And all of that is before considering how to deliver ongoing support to ensure things always run smoothly, and maintenance to accommodate inevitable regulatory changes in the future.
    Hidden costs and time overruns are common; compromises on functionality frequently have to be made, yet at the end of the day there is no guarantee the new system will actually work.
    For Aviation Regulators there is now an alternative, EMPIC-EAP®.
    EMPIC-EAP® is a modular, configurable system that provides all of the functionality you require – and then some. EMPIC-EAP® works straight out of the box, your costs are clear from the outset and so is your project timeline. It is scalable too, so that whether you are a small regulator or the largest, civil or military, and whatever regulatory code you follow, there is an EMPIC-EAP® solution for you.

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